Keto Kravings

Free local delivery + Curbside Pickup!

Free local delivery + Curbside Pickup!

Free local delivery + Curbside Pickup!Free local delivery + Curbside Pickup!Free local delivery + Curbside Pickup!

Covid19 Initiative


FREE LOCAL DELIVERY and Curbside Pickup!

This initiative is to support those of you who can't or won't risk public exposure to shop in-store. Everyone's safety is our top priority.

From our family to yours, stay safe ♥

What to expect at Keto Kravings


fresh & Frozen Desserts and breads

Did you say WHITE BREAD BUNS?!? 

Yeppers, and they're ZERO CARB!

Or indulge guilt free with a great selection of your favourite keto desserts!  Nanaimo Bars, Brookies, Lemon Bars, Cheesecakes, Cookies, Donuts, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Cinnamon Buns, mmmmmmm....

Desserts are available from frozen so you can choose when you open them, or thawed to take home and eat right away.

Fresh, low carb keto snacks are at your finger tips,  ready to go! 


LOVE GOOD FATS & No SUgar Keto Bars

Delicious Keto snacks are here!  These snack bars are a must-have, and come personally recommended as a great product to boost your Keto diet!

10 LGF + 4 No Sugar flavours to choose from, 

and a mix-and-match program 

so you're not stuck with an entire case of one flavour :)


Pantry products and baking ingredients

Pantry staples, sauces and condiments, baking ingredients, quick-bread mixes, noodles and rice.  

We've even got a recipe board with a great selection of easy-to-make low carb meals for any time of day.  Keto foods CAN be that easy!


Certified Keto Lifestyle Coaching

  • Ketogenic Living 101/102
  • 1:1  +  Group Support Systems
  • Personally approved recipes! Money-saving keto snacks and keto desserts made at home.  No chef skills required!
  • Best and worst Keto foods
  • Resources, meal plans
  • Non-special grocery lists
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Eating out how-tos
  • Plateau Boot Camps
  • NASM, AFAA, CanFitPro, and ISSA

approved certification