Is Keto a gluten free diet?

There are many different ways to keto.

As a rule, wheat products are heavily ridden with carbohydrates, and are not consumed on a keto diet.  But did you know? Gluten, by itself, is a protein and does not have any carbohydrates. Many keto-friendly products on the market will use gluten extract, gluten protein, gluten isolate, or *wheat fibre to help improve taste and texture.  So unless you're Celiac or have severe inflammation issues, gluten can be included in a keto diet without affecting ketosis in itself.

*Wheat Fibre: What is it?  Picture wheat as a grain, now imagine just the husk of the grain is removed.  The husk is all fibre, whereas the grain stays intact holding all of the carbohydrates separately.  By incorporating the husk alone, fibre is increased without adding carbohydrates.  Because the husk comes from wheat, gluten is naturally occurring in this ingredient.

IN-STORE:  With every purchase including gluten products, I will ask you if you have issues consuming gluten.  Every. Single. Time.  Just like with products containing Xylitol, I will ask if you have pets at home.  I am 100% transparent when it comes to ingredients in the products I carry.  Never hesitate to ask about something if you're not sure!

WEBSITE:  I can't bring attention to your gluten-inclusive products at checkout, but I do include a Gluten or Gluten-Free (GF) description in every single product listed online. Furthermore, there is an entire category dedicated to all of our GF foods, to assist people in their shopping.  Please remember, it is ultimately up to the consumer to check the list of ingredients.

BOTTOM LINE: Being GF does not automatically make it keto, so the reverse applies as well. Keto Kravings caters to everyone! Whether or not you're Celiac, whether or not you prefer to eat or avoid gluten, you do keto your way.  There is no right or wrong, there is only you.  How people live their keto lifestyle is a personal choice, and I am not one to tell people otherwise.  Keto Kravings is here for all of you, supporting your keto and low-carb lifestyle in every manner possible.  

There is no judgement here.  Shop with confidence, I love you all!